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Security Expert Claudiu Popa Announces New $99 Security & Privacy Training Program to Slash Data Breaches by Over 50%

TORONTO, July 10, 2013 /CNW/ – Privacy and security breaches in Canada continue to rise with some statistics pegging each loss at $500,000, despite a systemic lack of enforcement over private sector breach reporting. A recent study found that at least 38% are caused by human error. A new corporate training program aims to aggressively reduce incidents below 10% within the first year, and eliminate them outright thereafter by combining security and privacy awareness delivered by top industry experts.

“About 14 years ago we pioneered security awareness training in Canada and it’s time we changed the industry again because the risk landscape has evolved” said Claudiu Popa, one of Canada’s best known security experts and president of Informatica. The company announced that starting at only $99/seat, its flagship training program will be available as a complete Security and Privacy Awareness solution.

Privacy Commissioners at all levels have issued stern warnings to Canadian organizations over recent breaches of 4 million accounts. Over 60% of executives confess to having major gaps in security and privacy.

“This is as much a resourcing problem as it is employee awareness. By offering the leadership of the best security experts in Canada, we are empowering employees across organizations and aiming to effectively eliminate accidental & internal breaches. That is why the WorkLife program is strongly recommended to everyone from top-level executives to the janitorial staff.”

Only about 6% of Canadian companies conduct critical security & privacy training every 6 months. “The breach statistics and mounting losses should surprise no one. What surprises me is the lack of embarrassment many organizations display after multiple high-profile breaches” said the Mr. Popa, an ardent supporter of proper training in Canada and outspoken critic of what he calls ‘the lack of teeth’ in the increasingly outdated legislation responsible for protecting the sensitive information of Canadians.

Established in 1989, Toronto-based Informatica is Canada’s only provider of employee certification in security and privacy awareness. It provides full risk assessment, privacy assessment and security penetration testing to Canada’s top enterprises, associations and government agencies: www.SecurityandPrivacy.ca

SOURCE: Informatica Security Corporation

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