We protect the way you work and the people you serve

The Japanese concepts of ikigai – reason for existence – and kaizen – continuous improvement – are at the root of all our decisions to invest in people, processes and technologies that make the world a better place.

Every year we help protect billions of dollars, millions of hours of productivity and countless long standing reputations. We’ve done it for the past two decades, in confidence and with complete respect for industry standards and best practices.

To build and deliver agile solutions, we put you at the heart of our unrivalled ecosystem of people, products, partners, and programmes. To safeguard today’s business and fortify it for the future, our adaptive methodology constantly analyzes risk in the context of cyber and broader objectives.

We are your silent partner, trusted to help you protect all data by ensuring that your people, processes and technologies are all aligned to meet that critical goal.

Why Informatica?

  • Over 30 years of commitment to the protection of people, organizations, society and economic interests.
  • The equivalent of our industry’s Hippocratic Oath is embodied in our Zero-Impact Guarantee: the promise that we will not hurt what we strive to protect.
  • Our aspirational goals towards professional integrity are illustrated in our Code of Professional Ethics.

A Personal Message

We provide remarkable Canadian corporations, associations and agencies with the critical services needed to protect people and intangible assets. Our mission is to put security and privacy within the reach of every Canadian organization. We are not an IT security company. We are not privacy lobbyists. We are an extension of your business that brings leadership, knowledge and passion to your exceptional endeavor.

I want you to be awesome with us. When you connect with Informatica you augment your organization’s capabilities and help support transformational initiatives that benefit your industry and the economy as a whole. This is the evolution of information management, and you owe it to your stakeholders, your customers and yourself to take part.

For me, this is an exciting time marked by improvements in enterprise risk maturity, standards compliance, executive accountability and a refreshing boost in awareness and vigilance from a more caring, engaged and educated workforce.

Why not start right now?

Claudiu Popa
President & CEO
Informatica Corporation