Our timeline story began in 1989 and continues to this day.


Informatica’s predecessor legally registered, providing custom programming and PC support


The advent of the Internet ushers in new services to meet demand for connectivity and collaboration


Informatica invites public to explore e-business with its new motto: “Join Us In the Passing Lane on the Information Superhighway”


Our timeline experiences another jump when Informatica is officially incorporated. A shift from World Wide Web development to e-commerce and the necessary complexities of network security

Informatica timeline.


New investments in training and content development led to the inception of WorkLIfe Learning, with a 100-seminar interactive catalogue


After our timeline experiences aggressive growth and the excitement of the “Year 2000 Bug” Informatica splits into Informatica Corporation (risk management and information security) and Informatica Industries (systems and applications)


The year that forever changed the security industry, leading to stronger (2001 Patriot Act) legislation soon followed by stricter industry standards (2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act)


Informatica reacts by introducing the Verify risk assessment methodology to help businesses to mitigate new risks and emerging threats


Standardized international audits bring Informatica’s risk assessments onto the radar of multinational firms as our team travels to 12 countries and audits operations


Claudiu offers increasing numbers of services at no cost, to educate parents and teachers about technology, help students and youth with cybersafety and generally build  a ‘web of trust’ where vulnerable sector audiences are encouraged to help others


The timeline further progresses when our nonprofit services are brought together under the umbrella of KnowledgeFlow, later officially incorporated as the KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Foundation


A period of rapid growth sees Informatica establish partnerships with universities and associations, expanding its focus on global privacy, disaster recovery and business continuity. Claudiu teams up with ThomsonReuters to publish Managing Personal Information: Insights on Corporate Risk and Opportunity for Privacy – Savvy Leaders


The company’s Verify brand further expands to risk assessments for CASL (anti-spam), PIPEDA (privacy), NIST and GDPR compliance in Canada in anticipation of stricter privacy legislation


After 5 years of cybercrime research, Claudiu partners with Reuters again, this time to publish a legal resource: the Canadian Cyberfraud Handbook


Informatica turns 30 as Canada’s privacy legislation finally enforces data breach disclosure and reporting. Privacy Management is now a thing


Catalyzed by the pandemic, the exploding demand for remote everything increases the growth of the Risk Advisor service to meet north-American needs for virtual CISO (security) and CPO (privacy) leadership