Adapting to Advanced Cyberattacks

Canadian companies are increasingly facing sophisticated cyberattacks, prompting the need for stringent standards and compliance measures. Explore how businesses are enhancing their cybersecurity frameworks to combat these evolving threats and ensure robust protection of their digital assets.

Check out this new press release discussing cyberattacks and the importance of adopting compliance measures for proof.

Increased Cyberattack Sophistication Forces Canadian Companies to Adopt Standards & Compliance

Datarisk Canada and Managed Privacy Canada Introduce Template-Based Compliance and Standards-Based Cybersecurity Management

Toronto, Canada, June 19, 2023.

According to security monitoring companies, between 2500 and 4000 cyberattacks occur every day. With an incidence of a damaging breach taking place every 14 seconds and a half-million new malware strains identified daily.

As Claudiu Popa, CEO of Informatica, aptly states, “without an auditable security and privacy management program a company has no way to produce evidence of adequate data protection and legislative compliance”. As a certified privacy and security professional with over 30 years’ experience, Claudiu Popa is a respected Risk Advisor for numerous Canadian enterprises with a significant global following. He underlines the need to adopt and adhere to trustworthy industry standards such as SOC2, PCI-DSS, ISO27001 and many others.

Informatica understands the challenges that organizations face in achieving legal privacy compliance based on auditable security standards. These tools provide the necessary insights, guidance, and resources to help all Canadian companies navigate the intricate landscape of privacy laws and regulations, ensuring that data handling practices remain in line with legal requirements by ensuring direct contact with dedicated privacy and security Risk Advisors.

PrivacyDash™ helps Canadian and global organizations to comply with regulatory changes by offering:

  • templated privacy deliverables
  • checklist-based professional guidance
  • direct access to privacy assessments & resources

The features make the Datarisk Audit Portal (VAP™) a client favourite are:

  • facilitated, professional security assessments
  • security calendaring with key security activity reminders
  • professional cybersecurity program management

About the Company:

Established in 1989, Informatica Corporation is Canada’s first information security advisory, doing business as Datarisk Canada, Managed Privacy Canada, OT Security Canada and WorkLife Learning, serving SMB and FP500 clients for over 30 years. The Datarisk Verify Audit Portal and MPC PrivacyDASH are Canada’s only cybersecurity and compliance portals with on-demand access to certified expertise, incident management, corporate training and audit planning.


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