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Stay informed with Informatica’s Cybersafety Sentinel’s August 2023 Week 3 edition. This week, we cover critical topics such as Microsoft’s government email hack investigation, EV charging network cyber guidelines, and Zoom’s data mining privacy concerns. Gain expert strategies to enhance your cybersecurity measures and protect your digital assets.

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Claudiu’s Top Post

Three decades of positive interaction between security researchers (or bug “finders”) and organizations have shown that public vulnerability disclosure can be a civilized and beneficial way to detect and report technology problems. The protocol just had to be defined. Now that “security.txt” has been standardized, will government agencies and the private sector step up? Read More

US Drafts EV Charging Network Cyber Guidelines

While the Biden administration pushes carmakers to electrify their products to help address the climate crisis, the main U.S. agency for technology and competition is pressing for cybersecurity guidelines for the industry to guard against domestic and international hacking. Read More

US Investigates Microsoft’s Government Email Hack

A U.S. review board tasked with investigating major cybersecurity incidents said it will begin looking at the recent intrusion of U.S. government email systems provided by Microsoft, whose handling of the incident drew ire and scrutiny from federal lawmakers and the wider security community. Read More

Citi Trends Investigated for Employee Data Breach

According to Citi Trends, the data breach took place on or around January 14, 2023 and resulted in the theft of personal information provided by employees and prospective employees, including full names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, bank and financial account information, routing numbers, and other information shared in connection with employment. Read More

Deadline for $725M Facebook Privacy Settlement Nears

Anyone in the United States who had a Facebook account in the past 16 years has roughly one week left to file for payment in a data privacy settlement case. Facebook’s parent, Meta, in December agreed to pay $725 million to settle a host of privacy-related class action lawsuits alleging, among other things, that Facebook let third parties access its users’ private data and that of their friends without users’ permission. Read More

Zoom’s Data Mining Raises Privacy Concerns

As reported on Aug. 6, Zoom recently attempted to rewrite its Terms of Service with ambiguous language that would permit the extraction of user data for the purpose of training AI. However, after public pushback, Zoom began to rectify that clause the very next day, fully committing to a “no AI training” set of policies by Aug. 11. Read More

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