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Stay updated with Informatica’s Cybersafety Sentinel’s October 2022 Week 3 edition. This week, we cover significant topics such as the impact of cybercrime on Canadian businesses, surveillance of remote workers by Equifax, analysis of Bill C-26’s proposed amendments, a report on flaws in Ottawa’s cybersecurity bill, Interpol’s Operation Jackal targeting fraud suspects, and a ransomware attack targeting home PCs. Gain expert strategies to enhance your cybersecurity measures and protect your digital assets.

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Claudiu Popa on LinkedIn: Impact of cybercrime on Canadian businesses, 2021

Does #Canada have a false sense of #security? According to StatsCan’s fresh new report, 2021 was one of the rosiest years on record for data breaches, with fewer than 1 in 5 companies impacted by ‘#cyber security incidents’ Read More

Equifax surveilled 1,000 remote workers, fired 24 found juggling two jobs

Some remote workers learned the hard way that not all employers consider it fair, though. Some Equifax remote workers were juggling as many as three jobs. For its investigation, Business Insider reviewed company emails, spoke to current and fired Equifax employees, and reviewed internal Equifax documents. Read More

Cybersecurity Will Not Thrive in Darkness A Critical Analysis of Proposed Amendments in Bill C-26 to the Telecommunications Act

And in any cases where a telecommunications provider seeks judicial review, it might never see the evidence used to justify an order or regulation. However, if a telecommunications provider is found to have deliberately ignored or failed to adhere to an order, then either the individuals who directed the action or the telecommunications provider could suffer administrative monetary penalties. The excessive secrecy and confidentiality provisions imposed on telecommunications providers threaten to establish a class of secret law and regulations. Read More

Ottawa’s cybersecurity bill flawed and should be amended, new report warns – National

Send this page to someone via emailA new research report says federal cybersecurity legislation is so flawed it would allow authoritarian governments around the world to justify their own repressive laws. Under Bill C-26, key enterprises in the banking and telecommunications industries would be required to improve cybersecurity and report digital attacks, or possibly face penalties. The bill proposes giving authorities the ability to enforce measures through audit powers and fines, and would allow for criminal penalties in cases of non-compliance. Read More

Operation Jackal: Interpol arrests Black Axe fraud suspects

According to the international police agency, Operation Jackal spanned 14 countries on four continents targeting Black Axe and related crime groups in the region. In addition, the Carabinieri – Italy’s state police – arrested three suspected Black Axe members in Campobasso as part of Operation Jackal, Interpol said. Black Axe also tried to steal about $1 million through welfare fraud in Ireland in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Interpol. Read More

This unusual ransomware attack targets home PCs, so beware

Image: Getty / Brothers91A ransomware attack delivered by fake Windows 10 and antivirus software updates is targeting home users, using sneaky techniques to stay undetected before encrypting files and demanding a ransom payment of thousands of dollars. In many ways, it’s a throwback to early ransomware campaigns that encrypted files on individual computers. The ransomware also gains administrator privileges using an Account Control (UAC) bypass to run commands without alerting the user. Read More

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