Cybersafety Sentinel September 2023 Week 5

Claudiu’s Top Post

Today marks the planned roll-out of the strictest privacy legislation to be introduced in Canada to date, as Quebec’s Privacy Commissioner is poised to begin enforcing the latest round of comprehensive private sector law changes designed to protect not only customers, but – gasp! – employees as well. Read More

3.4M Impacted in Government Data Breach

An Ontario government agency, The Better Outcomes Registry & Network (BORN), that manages data about pregnancy and newborn children in the province says the personal health information of about 3.4 million people was impacted by a data breach. Read More

Meta’s New Smart Glasses Spark Privacy Concerns

These stylish shades may look like a regular pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers — but they’re actually Meta’s new Smart Glasses, complete with two tiny cameras and speakers implanted in the arms. The high-tech specs were unveiled by Mark Zuckerberg Wednesday at the 2023 Meta Connect conference. Read More

Will AI Tools Disrupt Cybersecurity Industry?

While a company can lay off staff or reduce marketing and R&D expenses during a period of lower growth, enterprises cannot compromise on cybersecurity. The rise in the number of attacks and the increased sophistication of attacks means this expense will continue to grow, yet AI and automation can help. Read More

Johnson Controls Hit by Severe Cyber Attack

Johnson Controls, a multinational conglomerate that secures industrial control systems, security equipment, fire safety and air conditioning systems, has been hit by a massive cyber attack over the weekend. Read More

Cybersecurity Skill Gap Continues to Grow Globally

Organizations are facing a significant obstacle: the cybersecurity skills gap. In fact, according to a recent Cybersecurity Ventures report, there are 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs available worldwide. The talent shortage has become a critical impediment for organizations. Read More