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Hospital security & privacy reviews recommended for sensitive premises across Canada

TORONTO, May 28, 2014 /CNW/ – Following the AMBER alert at a Quebec hospital, health Minister Gaétan Barrette ordered widespread reviews of security protocols. Informatica, a Canadian company specializing in security auditing has responded by offering healthcare facilities free staff education seminars along with every procedural review and physical security analysis.

Although existing measures such as bracelets and ID badges are commonly in use, they are also easy to circumvent. In particular since perpetrators spend time studying the premises and even becoming familiar with hospital employees, there is a strong focus on awareness verification and social engineering prevention by Informatica’s certified security specialists.

“Hospitals and long-term care facilities are notoriously easy environments to penetrate, because they are by design intended to be welcoming, low-stress places where people can feel at ease.” said Claudiu Popa, a certified 20-year veteran of the industry and author of two books on security and privacy.

“Maternity wards should not feel like prisons. Unfortunately some facilities are designed without proper regard for visitor management and lack a demonstrated understanding of standardized security zoning, among other shortcomings. We have seen cameras mounted upside down, obstructed, unplugged security systems, improperly discarded personal health information and many other security failures that have no place in these sensitive environments”.

The company’s Verify Security and Awareness™ audit plan uses proven industry guidance and respected government standards to evaluate the stringent requirements of such high sensitivity environments as banks, data centres and hospitals.

“Every hospital and clinic in Canada should use Verify™ to immediately identify its vulnerabilities and report on security gaps that can be rapidly addressed by applying proper measures. Let us help.” said Popa.

About Informatica Security

Established in 1989, Informatica is Canada’s first security-assurance-as-a-service provider, focused on independent security and privacy auditing by highly qualified auditors and Risk Advisors.

Informatica provides a complete range of standardized risk assessments directly and through industry partners. Verify assessments include:

  1. IT security & physical audits
  2. Privacy Impact Assessments
  3. Policies and procedures
  4. Employee security awareness
  5. Compliance & Controls
  6. Pre-audits for PIPEDA, PHIPA, HIPA, HIA.

SOURCE: Informatica Security Corporation

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