Informatica Corporation Joins Largest Privacy Coalition

Informatica Security joins Canada’s largest privacy coalition to oppose blanket surveillance and warrantless data collection

TORONTO, Oct. 24, 2013 /CNW/ – The continued stream of revelations about Internet surveillance, cross-border information sharing and the privacy impact on Canadians has concerned individuals and negatively impacted the private sector.

On this day Informatica Corporation, Canada’s leading security assurance company has joined more than 30 major organizations and leading experts in supporting a push for effective legal measures to protect Canadians against government intrusion. The Protect Our Privacy Coalition ( seeks genuine transparency/accountability in the digital monitoring of cyberspace.

“The protection of privacy rights for Canadians has been our mandate for a long time. We do it by encouraging openness, transparency, education, awareness, verifiable compliance and better practices” said Claudiu Popa, one of Canada’s leading security practitioners and CEO of Informatica.

With weak privacy legislation, non-existent private sector security regulations and significant resistance on the part of corporations to implement adequate protective measures, Canadians are unfortunately exposed from all sides. This is a situation where individuals should feel that they can rely on their government for support, protection and accountability, but emerging revelations of public sector privacy/security breaches and inherently insecure data communications make it even more difficult for companies to comply with our own privacy laws“.

According to the Federal Privacy Commissioner, 97 percent of Canadians have stated categorically that they want to be notified of breaches involving their personal information. Informatica proudly supports and BCCLA’s national campaign against blanket surveillance:

About Informatica Corporation:

Informatica is Canada’s leading management consulting company specializing in Information Security Assurance-as-a-Service and the application of standardized risk assessment for regulatory compliance, providing official attestations, trustmarks and certifications in recognition of employee awareness, security and privacy in IT systems, applications and policies.

The company awards one of Canada’s most respected security trustmarks, the Statement of Trust™ with Verify™ seal to organizations that demonstrate verifiable best practices. The Verify™ Risk Assessment Framework enables compliance with global standards including Privacy by Design™, Payment Card Industry’s PCI-DSS, Government Security Policy and established regulations for the healthcare and financial sectors.

Informatica’s Certified Risk Advisors are uniquely qualified to manage sensitive projects for Canadian businesses, associations and government agencies.

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