Securing Patient Records with Managed Privacy Solutions

Informatica’s Managed Privacy solutions protect human safety by securing patient records.

As the exchange of patient health information continues to shift towards electronic channels, healthcare providers must understand the need to adopt a complete privacy management program to keep patient records safe and secure. Compliance with privacy regulations and requirements is essential for demonstrating an organization’s commitment to offering exceptional services in a safe environment with established processes.

Informatica’s privacy experts help healthcare businesses to attain and maintain compliance with industry-leading cybersecurity standards. By implementing a complete privacy management program, healthcare providers can demonstrate their commitment to securing patient records and protecting human safety. Informatica’s Managed Privacy solutions provide healthcare businesses with the tools and guidance they need to ensure industry-leading cybersecurity and maintain compliance.

With Informatica’s Managed Privacy solutions, healthcare businesses can safeguard patient records, demonstrate their commitment to offering exceptional services, and maintain their reputation as trustworthy providers of quality care.

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