Cybersafety Sentinel April 2022 Week 2

Claudiu’s Top Post

The Times’s Visual Investigations team analyzed dozens of battlefield radio transmissions between Russian forces during an initial invasion of the town of Makariv, outside Kyiv. They reveal an army struggling with logistical problems and communication failures. Read More.

Proposed Student Data System

“Just think George Orwell, and take it to the nth degree. We’re in an environment of surveillance, essentially. It will be an extraordinarily rich data set of your life.” Read More.

Finland Hit by Cyber Attack

Finland reported an attack on government websites and a suspected airspace violation by Russian aircraft just as speculation mounts that the Nordic nation will opt to apply for membership in the NATO alliance. Read More.

Grimes’ Coolest Hacker Moment

Hipster Runoff was a one-man blog that ran from 2007 to 2013, specializing in sardonic criticism of culture and music. Beloved by internet readers and hated by its high-profile targets, the site mysteriously went down in 2012, and although it came back for a while, it never quite recovered and was eventually sold. The mystery of Hipster Runoff’s original downfall might be solved, however, as Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, recently claimed she hacked the site and destroyed its backups after photos of her at a party appeared on the site and went viral. Read More.

FBI Signs Contract with Babel X

Jokes about the FBI watching your every move through webcams are about to get a little more real. The Bureau just signed a $27 million contract to use Babel X, AI-powered software that trawls social media for specific content. It’s exactly the kind of surveillance software privacy activists are constantly warning the public about. Read More.

Data Breach at Cash App Investing

More than 8 million users of Cash App Investing could be affected by a data breach after a former employee of the company downloaded reports containing customer names and account numbers. Read More.

Toronto Man Charged in Ponzi Scheme

A Toronto businessman accused of orchestrating a $12-million pandemic-related Ponzi scheme was arrested and charged with fraud by Toronto police on Monday, just hours after investigators discovered his location, CBC News has learned. Read More.

India’s Power Grid Targeted

India’s power sector has been targeted by hackers in a long-term operation thought to have been carried out by a state-sponsored Chinese group, a U.S.-based private cybersecurity company detailed in a new report. Read More.

US Pre-empts Russian Cyberattacks

The United States said on Wednesday that it had secretly removed malware from computer networks around the world in recent weeks, a step to pre-empt Russian cyberattacks and send a message to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia. Read More.