Cybersafety Sentinel March 2022 Week 2

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When intelligence agencies pressure or mislead standards organizations into adopting intentionally flawed technologies for surveillance purposes, such actions obviously compromise the security of global communications and undermine privacy rights. Perhaps even more critically, such state-sponsored actions irreversibly tarnish society’s trust in research institutes such as Europe’s ETSI (with their exploitable radio encryption backdoor) and North America’s NIST (with their NSA-sponsored / RSA / RIM elliptic curve cryptographic “trap door”), organizations that rely on incorruptible processes to drive broad industrial reliance on their impeccable reputations’ Read More

As war escalates in Europe, it’s ‘shields up’ for the cybersecurity industry

In unprecedented times, even government bureaucracy moves quickly. As a result of the heightened likelihood of cyberthreat from Russian malactor groups, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) — part of the Department of Homeland Security — issued an unprecedented warning recommending that “all organizations — regardless of size — adopt a heightened posture when it comes to cybersecurity and protecting their most critical assets.” Read More

The Cybersecurity Risks of an Escalating Russia-Ukraine Conflict

As warnings of an imminent Russian attack on Ukraine proliferate, news networks and social media have featured clips of Russian armed forces training, exercising, and preparing to fight. Less visible are Russia’s formidable cyber forces that would be preparing to unleash a new wave of cyber-attacks on Ukrainian and western energy, finance, and communications infrastructure. Whether an invasion occurs now or not, tensions will remain high, and the cyber threat will likely wax, not wane. Read More

Samsung says hackers breached company data and source code for Galaxy smartphones

Samsung said on Monday that hackers breached its internal company data, gaining access to some source codes of Galaxy-branded devices like smartphones. Read More

Ubisoft Experiences Cyber Security Breach

More than a few companies in the gaming industry have become victims of cyberattacks in recent months, with Ubisoft being the most recent victim. Read More

Oklahoma Hospital Data Breach Impacts 92,000 People

A security incident at a nonprofit community hospital in Oklahoma may have exposed the personal data of more than 92,000 individuals.  Read More

Cybersecurity firm says Chinese hackers breached six US state agencies

A Chinese government-backed hacking group has breached local government agencies in at least six US states in the last 10 months as part of a persistent information-gathering operation, investigators at cybersecurity firm Mandiant said Tuesday. Read More

Google is buying the cybersecurity company that uncovered the SolarWinds hack

Google is buying cybersecurity company Mandiant in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $5.4 billion. Read More

Spying Complaint Plan Eyed by EU, U.S. in Data Transfer Talks

The proposed Foreign Intelligence Redress Authority is meant to address one of the issues raised when the European Union’s top court struck down the previous EU-U.S. data transfer tool more than 18 months ago: that European citizens lacked a proper mechanism for raising concerns about the use of their data for U.S. intelligence purposes. It’s part of an overarching worry that U.S. spying laws allow for unchecked mass surveillance of individuals in Europe and elsewhere. Read More

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