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Ontario Privacy Commissioner’s Back to School Advice to Youth: Never Tolerate (Cyber)Bullying

TORONTO, Sept. 6, 2013 /CNW/ – Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian spoke with security expert Claudiu Popa about bullying, cyberbullying and privacy abuses. With 95% of Canadian youth accessing the Internet, the persistent news of victimized children are hardly surprising, but the steady rise of incidents is troubling for parents and authorities alike.

In the first of a series of exclusive interviews, Dr. Cavoukian addresses her advice at young Canadians. In the new ‘back to school’ video, the Commissioner provides clear and concise advice to stay safe: don’t friend complete strangers, don’t stay silent when you witness victimization, be careful what you post and limit access to the social media data, because once online, you can no longer control it.

Informatica CEO and KnowledgeFlow founder Claudiu Popa said: “the Commissioner’s generosity in allowing us unprecedented freedom to ask important questions has set the stage for the Insights series of interviews. We hope this knowledge has a broad positive impact on youth.”

The video is now available at: as well as the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner’s “Stop Bullying …by design” website. The Commissioner is also a past recipient of the Cybersafety Champion Award for her contribution to the safety of online communities. Future videos, focused on advice for parents and teachers, will be available in the weeks to come.

About Informatica’s KnowledgeFlow Youth Cybersafety Initiative

Informatica Corporation is Canada’s only management consulting organization with trusted expertise across all domains of information security and privacy compliance. Informatica’s non-profit initiative provides expert-led seminars and tools that educate youth, parents and teachers about staying safe. These authoritative resources can be licensed by schools, law enforcement, municipal governments and parent councils directly from

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The Information and Privacy Commissioner’s mandate includes overseeing the access and privacy provisions of the FIPPA, MFIPPA and PHIPA, the latter applies to both public and private sector health information custodians. The Commissioner’s mandate includes educating the public about access and privacy issues.

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