Canada is Going Through the Largest Cybercrime Spree in its History

With $8.3 billion in estimated fraud losses, Canada is undergoing its largest cybercrime spree. Professional consulting firms are overwhelmed with requests for cybersecurity assistance. Informatica’s PrivacyDASH™ and Verify Audit Portal (VAP™) provide tools for vendor due diligence, employee training, and access to certified experts. These solutions help Canadian SMEs manage compliance and enhance their security posture. Learn how to protect your business from escalating cyber threats with these advanced tools.


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February 9, 2023

Canada is Going Through the Largest Cybercrime Spree in its History

Canadian Professional Companies Gain Access to On-Demand Cybersecurity and Privacy Guidance Through Online Apps such as MPC’s PrivacyDash™ and Datarisk’s Verify Audit Portal(VAP™)

Toronto, Canada, February 9, 2023 – With $8.3 billion in estimated fraud losses over the past year, the Canadian public has witnessed the largest cybercrime spree in its history. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre indicates that last year’s reports of over $400 million in online and digital fraud represents less than 5% of actual loss numbers, while daily cyber extortion reports indicate an accelerating trend towards greater and more damaging attacks. This year, such notable organizations as Sick Kids Hospital, Chapters Indigo, Toyota and Okanagan College are only a few of the dozens of notable organizations announcing debilitating data breaches. What’s worse, insurance companies are forcing businesses to comply with complex and expensive industry standard, leaving many companies scrambling for resources, expertise and leadership.

Professional consulting firms, accounting companies and law firms are some of the trusted advisors currently deluged with requests for recommendations and requests for cybersecurity assistance. Unfortunately most knowledge based industries and consultancies lack the credentials, certifications and specialized expertise to advise on matters of privacy compliance and advanced cybersecurity.

Datarisk and Managed Privacy Canada have joined forces to make two specialized portals available to clients and association members looking for on-demand expertise and cybersecurity resources.

PrivacyDASH™ and the Datarisk’s VAP™ are exceptional tools designed from the ground up to enable Canadian SMEs (Small and Mid-Size Enterprises) to gain access to:

  • Vendor due diligence and professional security audits
  • Employee training and awareness
  • On-demand access to certified experts

“According to Industry Canada, 98% of the Canadian economy is comprised of small and mid-sized enterprises (SME). Those organizations need to be trusted by individual customers and large enterprises alike. The PrivacyDASH and Verify Audit Portal are our way of providing effective solutions to a broad marketplace, through our trusted partners” said Claudiu Popa, Datarisk President.

Professional services, accounting and law firms are encouraged to register and qualify to become Authorized Privacy and Security Partners as part of the FlexSecure Partnership Program.

About the Company:

Informatica, through its DBAs, Datarisk Canada and Managed Privacy Canada specialize in managed security and privacy solutions for the small and mid-size market, with products and solutions designed to meet the growing needs of approved professional associations.


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