Cybersafety Sentinel February 2023 Week 2

Claudiu’s Top Post

When trying to pass new legislation, bills are often summarized as a list of noble #policy objectives, but none ever lists the societal and technological #risks posed by the legalization of privacy-invasive surveillance. As a result, bills are often ignored by the public or considered too vague to decipher until they are written into law. Read More

OneNote Delivers Malware

OneNote documents are increasingly being used by threat actors to send malware to unsuspecting end users via email, according to Proofpoint researchers. Reports say Messages typically contain OneNote file attachments with themes such as invoice, remittance, shipping, and seasonal themes such as Christmas bonus. Read More

Most-Wanted Hacker Arrested

A 25-year-old Finnish man was taken into custody this week in France. On February 3rd, a suspect was taken into custody by French authorities. The individual remains under detention in France as the process for their extradition to Finland is ongoing. Read More

Ontario Hospital Cyber Incident

The hospital is part of the Central East Local Health Integration Network in the Kawartha Lakes district. Its report noted that the provincial health ministry has established six Regional Security Operation Center (RSOC) pilots for co-ordinated cybersecurity operations. Read More

Indigo ‘Cybersecurity Incident’

Indigo’s payment systems and online store are down after a cybersecurity incident, the company announced on Wednesday evening. As of Wednesday evening, Indigo’s online store remains unavailable and redirects to the company’s statement. Read More

Apps Push Fake Investments

They often disguise their malicious apps as legitimate ones, making it easier to fool victims into downloading them. One such method is the use of fake websites, malicious advertising, and social engineering. Read More