Cybersafety Sentinel June 2023 Week 2

Claudiu’s Top Post

As news of damaging security incidents surface, an alarming number of regional school districts double down on their misguided decisions to work with sketchy vendors and fuel an unprecedented data grab from minors and students in general. Read More

Security Warning For 1.8B Gmail Users

Introduced last month, the Gmail checkmark system highlights verified companies and organizations to users with a blue checkmark. The idea is to help users discern which emails are legitimate and which may have been sent by impersonators running scams. Unfortunately, scammers have tricked the system. Read More

‘Global cybersecurity issue’ Results in Stolen Info

The Nova Scotia government is alerting the public to a “global cybersecurity issue” that has resulted in the theft of personal information. But during a Sunday afternoon news conference, the cabinet minister in charge would not say what kind of information was stolen or how many people are affected. Read More

Microsoft Faces $20 Million Privacy Fine

Microsoft has officially been fined by the Federal Trade Commission for violating privacy regulations. Specifically, the FTC has fined the tech company $20 million USD for collecting personal information from children through its Xbox console. Read More

ITunes Users Vulnerable on Microsoft

Apple iTunes had a vulnerability when used on Microsoft Windows that could have allowed threat actors to hijack an affected device’s operating system. The former tech giant recently patched it — but only after leaving users vulnerable for at least six months. Read More

Zero-click Threat Targets iPhones and iPads

The Moscow-based cybersecurity company Kaspersky says iOS devices are being targeted by a previously unknown malware. The firm discovered the threat while monitoring the network traffic of its own corporate Wi-Fi. Read More