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Stay updated with Informatica’s Cybersafety Sentinel’s April 2023 Week 3 edition. This week, we explore critical topics such as privacy policy loopholes, the “Delete Act,” age-appropriate design rules, Google’s 2FA cloud backup, ChatGPT’s incognito mode, and the use of facial recognition technology at Canadian Tire. Gain expert strategies to enhance your cybersecurity measures and protect your digital assets.

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Claudiu’s Top Post

Why would anyone want to gain access to your company’s ChatGPT accounts? Because they know that in the absence of regulation and policy enforcement, users are likely to enter sensitive #information, intellectual property details, #personal data and strategically important information.Read More

Messaging Apps Oppose ‘surveillance’

The bill would enable Ofcom to make companies scan messages – text, images, videos and files – to identify child sexual abuse material. However, it would do so only if there was an urgent need and would need a high bar of evidence in order to be able to require that a technology went into an encrypted environment. Read More

Federal Court Sides with Facebook

A judge has dismissed the federal privacy watchdog’s bid for a declaration that Facebook broke the law governing the use of personal information in a case flowing from the Cambridge Analytica affair. But the judge also rejected the privacy commissioner’s arguments about the social media company’s practices. Read More

Liberal Party Fights Privacy Rules

Federal political parties are exempt from federal privacy rules, meaning they can collect, store and exploit personal information gleaned from Canadian voters with virtually no rules and zero oversight. The office of the federal privacy commissioner, which has long advocated for federal parties to be subject to privacy rules, declined an interview with Global News. Read More

Websites for PMO’s Office, NCC Hacked

Hackers target high-profile institutions with the intent of causing disruption, said Jason Jaskolka, cybersecurity specialist and associate professor at Carleton University. Pro-Russian hackers have also claimed responsibility for a cyberattack against Hydro-Québec, saying they were continuing their visits to Canada. Read More

iOS 17 to Support App Sideloading

Apple in iOS 17 will for the first time allow iPhone users to download apps hosted outside of its official App Store, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Apple is planning to implement sideloading support to comply with the new European regulations by next year, according to Gurman. Read More

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