Cybersafety Sentinel July 2022 Week 3

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Interview declined. Earlier this year, the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario advised #school boards to improve #transparency, ensure that #vendors have proper #cybersecurity in place, use standardized practices to safeguard the #privacy of families and enforce monitoring of #compliance requirements.
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Northern Credit Union Breach

‘To date, there is no evidence that any personal information was misused,’ says largest credit union in Northern Ontario; impacted customers will be notified in writing. The largest credit union in Northern Ontario was hit by a major cybersecurity incident that exposed personal information about an undisclosed number of customers, Village Media has learned.
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37,800 Impacted by N.L. Cyberattack

Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest health authority has notified 37,800 people that their privacy was breached as part of last fall’s devastating cyberattack. And according to Eastern Health, it could go even higher. Read more

Incidents: Waterloo School Board

“This is serious and concerning, and unfortunately, cyber incidents are occurring more frequently in the education sector,” Brandenstien said. The board did not respond to any of CTV’s questions about which services have been impacted as a result of the “cyber incidents.”
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Online Skimming

Credit card skimming transforms in digital age. Much like their real-world card-skimming counterparts, online skimming groups like the ones behind Magecart “infect e-commerce websites with e-skimmers to steal online shoppers’ payment card data, billing information, and personally identifiable information (PII),” per Insikt Group’s post.
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WHO New Security Steps

“We woke up when the pandemic started,” said Mr. Aggio, who works in the WHO’s Geneva headquarters and reports to the WHO’s chief information officer. Today, Mr. Aggio said he has more data than ever on the number and type of cyber threats targeting the WHO.
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