Cybersafety Sentinel July 2022 Week 4

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According to Norton’s latest sponsored study, between 38% and 41% of Canadians “have no idea” how to secure their devices but they’re also “not worried” about hacking. I guess the implication is that when the inevitable happens, the only reasonable explanation is a good old-fashioned jinx. Read more

5.4M Twitter Users Exposed

Even though most of the data being sold is publicly available, threat actors can use the email addresses and phone numbers in targeted phishing attacks. It is recommended that all Twitter users should stay vigilant when receiving emails from Twitter, especially if they ask you to enter login credentials, which should only be done on
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Neopets Security Breach

The personal data of up to 69 million users may have been stolen. The hacker reportedly did not ransom the data but has received interest from potential buyers. Neopets has since urged users to change their passwords and promised to provide update as the investigation continues.
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Malware-Infected Apps

Google pulled 60 malware-infected apps from its Play Store, installed by more than 3.3 million punters, that can be used for all kinds of criminal activities including credential theft, spying and even stealing money from victims.
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Top Secret Docs Found

Olaf Scholz has been criticised for disposing of confidential information in the bin after neighbours in Potsdam, on the outskirts of Berlin, found several papers marked confidential scattered across the street outside their home.
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JusTalk Private Messages Exposed

Popular messaging app JusTalk left a huge database of unencrypted private messages publicly exposed to the internet without a password for months. The messaging app has around 20 million international users, while Google Play lists JusTalk Kids, billed as a child-friendly version of its messaging app, has racked up over 1 million Android downloads.
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