Cybersafety Sentinel September 2023 Week 3

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Never has the need for pseudonymous identity protection been more evident than during the – currently unfolding – cyber attack on Nevada’s largest employer, where thousands are currently locked out of their rooms and slot machines are displaying sad messages. Read More

Canada & U.S. Must Support Each Other in Cybersecurity

Sami Khoury, the head of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, says the two countries have become essential partners in fortifying the continent’s cyber defences, a collaboration he expects will only continue to grow. Read More

The Weather Network Down After Cyberbreach

The Weather Network says it’s working on restoring functionality to its app and website after being impacted by a cybersecurity incident on Tuesday. They confirmed that it was continuing to be affected by a cybersecurity incident connected to a third-party software provider. Read More

Emergency Security Updates Across Tech Industry

Just days after Apple released iOS 16.6.1 to secure iPhones and iPads against a critical zero-day exploit involving ImageIO, Google has rushed out an emergency security update for Chrome users for a zero-day threat impacting the WebP image format. Read More

TikTok Fined $500M Over Children’s Data Privacy

Irish regulators have fined TikTok €345M ($498M) for violating children’s privacy. The complaint concerned how the social media app handled children’s data in 2020 – particularly around age verification and privacy settings. Read More

AI in Cybersecurity: Major Risk or Opportunity

We’ve seen software companies enhance their offerings with new AI functionalities. As these tools gain traction, though, there are also concerns being voiced by individuals who fear losing their jobs, and technology leaders who feel the need to tame the growth of AI. Read More