Cybersafety Sentinel June 2022 Week 3

Claudiu’s Top Post

The Federal Trade Commission has clarified its stance on the misguided reliance on half-baked ideas for solving societal issues: “nobody should treat #AI as the solution to the spread of harmful online content. Combatting online harm requires a broad societal effort, not an overly optimistic belief”.
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New Privacy Bill C-27

The federal Liberals introduced privacy legislation on Thursday that would give Canadians more control over how their personal data is used by commercial entities, impose fines for non-compliant organizations and introduce new rules for the use of artificial intelligence.
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New Privacy Commissioner

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has nominated accomplished lawyer Philippe Dufresne to be the next federal privacy commissioner. Dufresne is the chief legal officer of the House of Commons and has previously worked as senior general counsel of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.
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Cellphone Search Standard Cancelled

Senate committee votes to eliminate controversial new standard for cellphone searches at border. The government bill introduced in the Senate, Bill S-7, amends the Customs Act to clarify the circumstances under which border officers can search personal digital devices like cellphones and laptops.
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Act Respecting Cyber Security

If passed, the Act Respecting Cyber Security would give the federal government more control over how private companies in critical industries respond to potential attacks. Under the bill, operators in key federally-regulated industries would have to report cyber security incidents to the government’s Cyber Centre. Read more

School Systems Vulnerable

Saskatchewan’s provincial auditor says 13 school divisions are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. The report said a key IT system used in those school divisions had outdated software as of August 2021.
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