Cybersafety Sentinel October 2023 Week 3

We can’t wait to share with you the first issue of Datarisk Monthly, packed with exciting news and all things cybersecurity. Stay tuned for more updates next week!
Beekeeper holding up honeycomb

Claudiu’s Top Post

Good news! cyberfraud will soon be a thing of the past! “This is much bigger than a little phishing scam” he says, taking on the entire apparatus of global cybercrime to show us nerds how it’s really done. Enjoy the lolz! Read More

Tech Repair Technician working on phone

Are Tech Repair Technicians Accessing Your Data?

CBC’s Marketplace took smartphones and laptops to repair stores across Ontario and found that in more than half of the documented cases, technicians accessed intimate photos and private information not relevant to the repair. Read More

Ai Sidekick

Blackberry’s New AI-Powered Cybersecurity Assistant

Aimed at increasing the efficiency and performance of CISO teams, the unnamed generative AI powered assistant will act as an additional SOC analyst for your team – so if you’re a security operations center (SOC) analyst who needs an assistant, Blackberry may have the solution for you. Read More

Parliment board room

Privacy Commissioner Proposes Updated Privacy Law

Privacy Commissioner of Canada Philippe Dufresne discussed ways to improve and strengthen a Bill to modernize the federal private sector privacy law during an appearance before Parliament today. Read More

Malware image

Void Rabisu Attack Highlights Need For Malware Defence

Void Rabisu is an intrusion set associated with both financially motivated ransomware attacks and targeted campaigns on Ukraine and countries supporting Ukraine. Read More

Microsoft’s New AI Bounty Program

The Microsoft AI bounty program invites security researchers from across the globe to discover vulnerabilities in the new, innovative, AI-powered Bing experience. Qualified submissions are eligible for rewards from $2,000 to $15,000 USD. Read More