Cybersafety Sentinel October 2023 Week 2

Claudiu’s Top Post

Is social engineering the “Language of Fraud”? Sure, as long as we don’t do it to oversimplify a complex type of crime that is as old as civilization itself. In such a fraud dictionary, we necessarily need to include all the exploitative facets that contribute to the effectiveness of this “language of fraud” Read More

Rutter’s Fined 1M in Cybersecurity Settlement

York-based Rutter’s has agreed to pay $1 million and improve security measures in a cybersecurity breach settlement from a cyberattack that exposed information from more than a million customer payment cards. Read More

What is Zero Trust Security?

Zero Trust, not to be confused with Zero Knowledge, is also referred to as perimeterless security. The main concept behind Zero Trust security is “never trust, always verify,” a sharp contrast to traditional cybersecurity systems. Read More

Mastercard Invests in UWaterloo Cybersecurity

Mastercard and the Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute (CPI) at the University of Waterloo have announced a $550,000 partnership focused on research and talent advancement in cybersecurity. The funding will support projects that increase “Trust in Data”. Read More

Balance Sheet Recession in Cybersecurity Industry?

In traditional economics, a balance sheet recession occurs when businesses focus on paying down debt rather than investing in growth. Analogously, the cybersecurity industry is veering toward its own balance sheet crisis. Read More

Arctic Wolf to Aquire Automation Firm Revelstoke

Cybersecurity company Arctic Wolf announced today that it plans to acquire Revelstoke, a company developing a security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform, for an undisclosed amount. Read More