Cybersafety Sentinel March 2023 Week 2

Claudiu’s Top Post

When launching the world’s cleverest AI, is it smart to simply ask if it plans on taking over the world? And when it inevitably responds “of course not, don’t be silly!”, should anyone be worried? Read More

Hack of Amazon’s Ring

A ransomware gang claims to have breached the massively popular security camera company Ring, owned by Amazon. In 2019, hackers began hacking a series of Ring cameras by reusing credentials exposed in earlier hacks. Read More

Cryptocurrency Laundromat Washed Out

On 15 March, national authorities took down the infrastructure of the platform for its alleged involvement in money laundering activities and seized four servers, about 1909.4 Bitcoins in 55 transactions (approx. EUR 44.2 million) and 7 TB of data. Read More

Zoll Suffers Massive Data Breach

A company spokesperson told MD+DI that the data breach does not affect the safety or operation of the LifeVest or any other Zoll medical device or related software. In a government filing, Zoll noted that a total of 1,004,443 people were impacted by the data breach, which occurred between January 28 and January 29. Read More

Acer Confirms Breach

Electronics giant Acer has confirmed getting hacked after a hacker offered to sell 160 Gb of files allegedly stolen from the company’s systems. This is not the first time Acer has confirmed a data breach. Read More

Fake ChatGPT Chrome Extension

A fake ChatGPT-branded Chrome browser extension has been found to come with capabilities to hijack Facebook accounts and create rogue admin accounts, highlighting one of the different methods cyber criminals are using to distribute malware. By hijacking high-profile Facebook business accounts, the threat actor creates an elite army of Facebook bots and a malicious paid media apparatus. Read More