Why Do Canada’s Privacy Commissioners Demand that Companies Train Employees on Security and Privacy?

Canada’s Privacy Commissioners stress the need for companies to train employees on security and privacy to protect personal information from cybercriminals and ensure compliance with privacy laws. Informatica’s Verify Audit Portal™ and PrivacyDASH™ offer solutions for planning and managing recurring training sessions, customizable alerts, and comprehensive security education. Discover how these tools help organizations maintain robust security and privacy standards.

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Why Do Canada’s Privacy Commissioners Demand that Companies Train Employees on Security and Privacy?

Organizations subject to Canada’s federal and provincial laws must protect personal information from cybercriminals, malware and misuse.

Toronto, Canada, March 16, 2023 –  According to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, cybercrimes such as ransomware and phishing must be prevented through proper security and privacy management. “Organizations subject to Ontario’s access and privacy laws must take reasonable steps to protect information they hold from unauthorized access and disclosure, and unauthorized or inadvertent disposal or destruction.”

“Unfortunately, most Canadian companies lack a simple planning tool for managing compliance activities with privacy laws and security standards, and many trusted advisors do not know where to turn for a credible product or trustworthy cybersecurity advisory source” said Claudiu Popa, founder of Informatica Corporation and owner of Datarisk Canada and Managed Privacy Canada.

Canadian organizations and their trusted advisors can now help their partners and clients to find a dedicated cybersecurity portal that will help with employee training and awareness, but more uniquely, the Verify Audit Portal™ and PrivacyDASH™ offer three (3) unique features designed to maximize the effectiveness of security management and privacy compliance programs:

• Easy planning of recurring employee privacy training and security awareness sessions
• Customizable alerts and reminders for security and privacy education
• Scheduling of management briefings and reports
• Vendor and supply chain policy training
• Planning of cybersecurity committee meetings and presentations

“We built our cybersecurity portals to present a single pane of glass to managers and risk professionals interested in simplifying the data protection training and compliance education” said Popa.

Professionals and advisory firms are encouraged to join the FlexSecure Partner Program (FPP™) directly from www.SecurityandPrivacy.ca.

Trusted advisors are encouraged to share the registration links for: The Datarisk Verify Audit Portal (www.datarisk.ca/register) and Managed Privacy Canada’s Privacy Dash (www.managedprivacy.ca/register) with their networks of:

• Vendors and service providers that require standardized policy and compliance training
• Security and privacy managers looking to streamline enterprise risk education
• Professional services firms can extend their security program to their clients using the PrivacyDASH™ and Audit Portal™

Professional services, accounting and law firms are encouraged to register and qualify to become Authorized Privacy and Security Partners as part of the FlexSecure Partnership Program on www.SecurityandPrivacy.ca.

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Informatica, through its DBAs, Datarisk Canada and Managed Privacy Canada specialize in managed security and privacy solutions for the small and mid-size market, with products and solutions designed to meet the growing needs of approved professional associations.


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