Twice as many large Canadian companies as smaller ones report being impacted by data breaches in 2022.

In 2022, large Canadian companies reported twice as many data breaches as smaller ones, despite having larger budgets and greater risk maturity. This highlights the need for robust cybersecurity measures, including multifactor access, end-to-end encryption, and effective employee training. Informatica’s solutions help businesses enhance their security management and privacy compliance to mitigate risks. Learn how adopting these practices can protect your company from potential data breaches.

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March 9, 2023

Twice as many large Canadian companies as smaller ones report being impacted by data breaches in 2022.

Gaps in the ability of Canadian firms to prevent and detect cybersecurity incidents are due to weak cybersecurity and privacy compliance management.

Toronto, Canada, March 9, 2023 –  Sixteen percent: this surprisingly small percentage of Canadian companies have reported being impacted of cybersecurity breaches in 2022. What’s more, large organizations, with their larger budgets and greater risk maturity, reported double the breaches, at 37%. Is this indicative of missed opportunities to align on security management and privacy compliance?

• Multifactor access to key systems and applications
• End-to-end encryption for sensitive and confidential data
• Effective training for employees and management
• Investing in cyber technologies and innovations
• Enlisting certified expertise

“Whether organizations need to secure their systems or are subject to Canada’s tightening privacy compliance regulations, Canadian companies need to standardize their approach to managing cyber risk” said Claudiu Popa, President of Informatica Corporation and an industry veteran with over 30 years in cybersecurity.

“Trusted advisors have a key role to play today in saving Canadian companies from fines that are expected to reach $10 million in addition to a percentage of global earnings” said Popa. Accounting firms, law firms and other trusted advisors have an unprecedented opportunity to secure supply chains and protect their client base by simply relying on the portals provided by Datarisk and Managed Privacy Canada. These unique, mobile-friendly tools help Canadian companies to manage risk with:

1.    timely alerts and reminders to perform important tasks (such as training staff)
2.    effortlessly kicking off security scans and privacy audits (often required by industry regulations)
3.    gaining access to on-demand support from dedicated risk advisors

Professionals and advisory firms are encouraged to join the FlexSecure Partner Program directly from

The Datarisk Verify Audit Portal ( and Managed Privacy Canada’s Privacy Dash ( are available on a first come, first serve basis to all Canadian businesses at a discount until March 31, 2023.

Professional services, accounting and law firms are encouraged to register and qualify to become Authorized Privacy and Security Partners as part of the FlexSecure Partnership Program on

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Informatica, through its DBAs, Datarisk Canada and Managed Privacy Canada specialize in managed security and privacy solutions for the small and mid-size market, with products and solutions designed to meet the growing needs of approved professional associations.


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