Cybersafety Sentinel March 2023 Week 1

Claudiu’s Top Post

I’ve been told that I have a face for radio. As it happens, I spent a couple of mornings this week on radio interviews with national news stations, in an attempt demystify “the TikTok situation” for the Canadian public. Far be it of me to pretend to understand anything about diplomacy, but it seems that ethically, Canadians need a bit more transparency: Read More

U.S. Marshals Service Hacked

The theft of critical law enforcement data is currently under investigation by the U.S. The recent incident involving the USMS system is a matter of significant concern, as it involves the theft of sensitive information related to ongoing investigations by the Marshals Service. The USMS caters to every facet of the federal justice system. Read More

AI-Generated Voice Bank Security

Banks across the U.S. and Europe use this sort of voice verification to let customers log into their account over the phone. Some banks tout voice identification as equivalent to a fingerprint, a secure and convenient way for users to interact with their bank. I used an AI-powered replica of a voice to break into a bank account. Read More

Pentagon Cloud Security Measures

The Department continues to work with affected entities and the Cloud Service Provider to assess the scope and impact of this potential data exposure. A security researcher who works to safeguard vulnerable databases and servers holding national security information first raised an alarm about the possible exposure last weekend. Read More

Local Police Stop Ransomware Group

A Toronto-area police force is opening up about how it became involved in the international efforts to legally hack one of the most aggressive ransomware groups in the world. Statistics Canada reported that ransomware attacks amounted to 11 per cent of all cyber security incidents in 2021. Read More

Stanford University Data Breach

Following the unfortunate data breach incident, Stanford University has taken swift action to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. While they are also offering IDX, a company that specializes in breach recovery and data breach protection, as additional services for identity theft protection. Read More