Cybersafety Sentinel September 2023 Week 2

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For years, the UN and anti humantrafficking NGO have issued warnings about Southeast Asian criminal syndicates capturing and forcing regional hostages into a life of crime where they need to buy back their freedom by perpetrating online cons of all kinds, from romance scams to aggressive extortion. Public Safety Canada | Sécurité publique Canada is absolutely right when it says “human trafficking isn’t what you think it is”. Read More

Ontario Investing $5M Into Cybersecurity Innovation

The Ontario government is investing up to $5 million to help Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange (CCTX) launch the Ontario Cybersecurity Excellence Initiative that will help Ontario companies develop and adopt cybersecurity technologies that enhance data security and protect company assets from cyber threats and other advanced technologies. Read More

Government Urges Hospitals To Invest In CyberSecurity

The U.S. government is struggling to convince hospitals that they need to spend time and money fighting hackers and provide useful advice to them, a problem that could have lethal consequences as the country’s ransomware crisis rages on. Read More

CyberSecurity Tips For Parents

With many schools opening tomorrow, I want to talk to parents about being prepared from a cybersecurity point of view… One of the best things you can do is teach your children how to recognize email and text scams. Tell them that computers and smartphones are fun, but there are lots of people online who want to trick them into revealing personal information and steal their money. Read More

Better Cybersecurity With New Material

In an increasingly connected world, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important to protect not just the individual, but also, for example, national infrastructure and banking systems. And there is an ongoing race between hackers and those trying to protect information. The most common way to protect information is through encryption. So when we send emails, pay bills and shop online, the information is digitally encrypted. Read More

LastPass Security Breach Linked To Crypto Heists

Security experts are claiming that some of the LastPass password vaults stolen during a security breach near the end of 2022 have now been cracked open following a string of six-figure cryptocurrency heists. Collectively, over $35 million in crypto has reportedly been stolen so far, with between two to five high-value heists occurring each month since December 2022. Read More