Cybersafety Sentinel January 2024 Week 2

Hacker in hooded attire working on a laptop, symbolizing clandestine digital activities.

Claudiu’s Top Post

Cyberfraud is a serious problem that affects millions of people worldwide. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) has released the latest statistics on cyberfraud losses in Canada and abroad for 2023. Read More

Newspaper with the headline 'Cyber Attack' on a table, illustrating the current state of cybersecurity affairs.

British Library Cyber-Attack: Stolen Data Hits Dark Web Auction Block

Stolen personal data, including employment contracts and passports, emerges on the dark web auction block in the aftermath of the British Library cyber-attack, leading to prolonged disruptions and urgent security measures. Read More

Girl joyfully laughing while listening to a podcast, illustrating the immersive experience of audio content.

Top Cybersecurity Podcasts for CISOs and Security Leaders

In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, staying informed is paramount for CISOs and security leaders. This article compiles recommendations from industry experts, showcasing 12 standout cybersecurity podcasts. Read More

Vast agricultural field under the clear sky, a picturesque scene of rural tranquility.

Cybersecurity Wake-Up Call for Agriculture: Assessing Risks and Bolstering Defenses

Recent research from the University of Guelph highlights the vulnerability of the agriculture sector to cyber threats, prompting a call for heightened security measures; a tale from a hacked Ontario hog farm underscores the importance of secure passwords, regular backups, and prompt software updates to mitigate risks. Read More

Appetizing pizza with melted cheese, tomatoes, and basil leaves.

Pizza Hut Australia Faces Data Breach: Customer Information and Orders Exposed

Pizza Hut’s Australian operations have fallen victim to a cyber-attack, compromising customer data, including delivery addresses and order details; with approximately 193,000 customers believed to be affected, the company assures its operations remain unaffected, while urging affected individuals to take precautionary measures. Read More

Composition of a lock, keys, and motherboard, symbolizing digital security.

Deeper Insights into the 23andMe Data Breach and Unanswered Questions

23andMe has provided more information about the scope and scale of its recent breach, but with these details come more unanswered questions. Read More