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Stay updated with Informatica’s Cybersafety Sentinel’s December 2022 Week 1 edition. This week, we explore critical topics such as the ransomware attack on a Montreal-area city, the Pegasus spyware scandal, online shopping scam tips, a cyber incident at the Durham District School Board, and a data breach at Saskatchewan’s Liquor and Gaming Authority. Gain expert strategies to enhance your cybersecurity measures and protect your digital assets.

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Claudiu’s Top Post

How Banks and Telcos are About to Score an Own Goal with Voiceprint. Will 2023 be the year banks and telcos are finally hacked at scale using deepfake voice technology? One of the most puzzling trends of recent years has been the counterintuitive adoption of voiceprint technology to authenticate callers using vocal characteristics such as pitch, timbre and tone. Read More

City Hit by Ransomware

A Montreal-area city was hit by ransomware over the weekend, according to a Quebec news service. La Presse reported this morning that the city of Westmount mayor Christina Smith confirmed the attack. Read More

Spyware Maker Taken to Court

Gressier is one of at least thirty-five journalists and civil-society members hacked with Pegasus in El Salvador between July, 2020, and November, 2021, according to the analysis by Citizen Lab, which was verified by Amnesty International. The hacking campaign comprised at least two hundred and sixty Pegasus attacks. Read More

Tips To Avoid Online Scams

Online and in stores, shoppers are looking to find deals – but experts are urging caution to avoid getting scammed. They’re going to be putting up fake sites, they’re going to provide low, low prices, and they’re going to come right into your inbox to get your attention right off the bat. At some point, one of these sites is going to get hacked. Read More

Durham District School Board Cyber Incident

The Durham District School Board, which serves 75,000 students and approximately 14,000 staff across the Region of Durham east of Toronto, said in a website statement Monday afternoon that it is still working with external consultants to help determine the scope and extent of the attack. Telephone and email service are still offline. Read More

40-000 Affected by SLGA Breach

The personal information of approximately 40,000 people connected to Saskatchewan’s Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) was compromised during a 2021 Christmas Day cybersecurity attack, according to the province’s information and privacy commissioner’s report on the incident. “The number of affected individuals could have been much smaller had SLGA not retained personal information indefinitely”. Read More

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