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Stay updated with Informatica’s Cybersafety Sentinel’s December 2022 Week 5 edition. This week, we explore critical topics such as LastPass data protection issues, Apple’s new data protection features, quantum computing cybersecurity law, wiretapping vulnerabilities in smart speakers, cybersecurity recognition in Canada, and deepfake regulations in China. Gain expert strategies to enhance your cybersecurity measures and protect your digital assets.

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Claudiu’s Top Post

Rhetoric, Convenience and Privacy at the Crossroads. The implosion of LastPass is a stark reminder about due diligence and the influence of effective marketing. Let’s cut to the chase: the most important questions to ask yourself before hiring a provider of highly sensitive solutions are: Read More

Apple Data Protection Deciphered

Earlier this month, Apple announced several important new data protection features for general availability in 2023 that have numerous implications for security teams in all industries and geographies. Advanced Data Protection will be available on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac starting with iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, and macOS 13.1. Read More

Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Law

President Biden on Wednesday signed legislation to encourage federal government agencies to adopt technology that is protected from decryption by quantum computing. The Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act earlier this month progressed through the Senate after companion legislation passed the House in July. Read More


Wiretapping Bugs in Smart Speakers

A security researcher was awarded a bug bounty of $107,500 for identifying security issues in Google Home smart speakers that could be exploited to install backdoors and turn them into wiretapping devices. This is not the first time such attack methods have been devised to covertly snoop on potential targets through voice-activated devices. Read More

Order of Canada Cybersecurity Recipient

Ronald Deibert, director of the cybersecurity and human-rights organization The Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, is among this year’s appointments to the Order of Canada. Deibert founded The Citizen Lab in 2001 as “a watchdog of all governments” through evidence-based research on intelligence gathering. Read More

Deepfakes in China

China will introduce rules governing the use of deep synthesis technology in January 2023. The tech can be used to alter an existing video, for example by putting the face of a politician over an existing video or even creating fake speech. Beijing announced its rules governing “deep synthesis technologies” earlier this year, and finalized them in December. Read More

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