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Stay informed with Informatica’s Cybersafety Sentinel’s June 2023 Week 5 edition. This week, we cover significant topics such as Saskatchewan’s immigration data breach, Meta’s new privacy tools for minors, and concerns over health data privacy post-Roe. Gain expert strategies to enhance your cybersecurity measures and protect your digital assets.

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Claudiu’s Top Post

A gentle reminder that while voiceprint technology was dubious from the get-go, is has of late been firmly discredited by security professionals and researchers around the world. Just because banks and telcos – notorious for suffering from a perennially false sense of security – continue to push this “feature” onto callers, it doesn’t mean that you have to also drink the Kool-Aid. Read More

Meta Offers Kids Privacy Opt-In

Meta is introducing new parental supervision tools to Facebook and Instagram, as it looks to add privacy and security features for minors just one month after the US surgeon general said social media poses a “profound risk” to teenagers’ mental health.Read More

Saskatchewan Immigration Fires Over Breach

Saskatchewan’s immigration ministry has fired more employees for inappropriately accessing client records. The ministry says an audit found three additional instances of former employees obtaining records they were not authorized to view. The discovery follows an initial investigation that found one former employee had accessed 40 files as part of an alleged illegal immigration scheme. Read More.

Post-Roe: Health Data Privacy Concerns

The supreme court’s decision to overturn federal abortion protections last year sent shock waves throughout the US. Suddenly, an individual choice that was once legally sanctioned was at risk of becoming the subject of criminal investigations in many states across the country. As public attention turned to such prosecutions, major tech companies faced questions over the ways they collect and store users’ data amid concerns it could be used in abortion-related investigations. Read More

UK Banks Expose Customers To Email Fraud

Security experts have warned that a majority of the UK’s leading lenders are failing to protect their customers from email fraud, through patchy implementation of DMARC. The Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) protocol helps prevent email-based fraud and impersonation attempts by authenticating sender identity before a message is delivered. Read More

UK’s Online Bill Endangers Privacy

Apple has joined WhatsApp, Signal, and other messaging companies, by raising concerns that end-to-end encryption would be threatened if the United Kingdom passes the “Online Safety Bill.” The bill moved to Parliament for review, and if passed, it would give the Office of Communications (Ofcom) the technology and authority to scan messages for concerning content. Read More

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