Cybersafety Sentinel July 2022 Week 2

Claudiu’s Top Post

Beavers! Given the cryptic explanations offered by Rogers Communications as to the nature of their catastrophic “network system failure” (which was definitely “not a #cyberattack”) can we at least agree that there’s still a nonzero chance it might have been yet another “single beaver” attack? Read more

Access to Information Platform

Today, the Honourable Mona Fortier, President of the Treasury Board of Canada, announced enhancements to the Government’s Access to Information and Privacy Online Request Service platform, making the process of requesting information faster and easier for Canadians.Read more

Polygraphs Stoke Privacy Fears

The watchdog body overseeing Canada’s intelligence agencies is looking into whether polygraph tests — popularly known as lie detector tests — should be used to hire spies. Among other things, NSIRA is looking into whether the use of polygraph tests in CSE recruitment “is lawful, reasonable and necessary.” Read more

Prevention Measures Missing

On Friday morning, Canadians woke up to a national outage of Rogers telecommunications services. According to Rogers CEO Tony Staffieri, the outage followed a “maintenance update.” Read more

Russian Cyber Threat to Canada

Russian cyber threat to Canada worse than previously reported: CSE The agency warned Russia is also ‘in the process of developing cyber capabilities against targets’ in the E.U.“Anyone who has critical infrastructure under their control, or is interfacing with it, needs to take what they’re saying seriously.” Read more

Whitehorse Privacy Breach

A former Whitehorse resident has launched an online petition urging the city to adopt access-to-information and privacy legislation after, she alleges, her personal information was inappropriately shared with the subject of a complaint she filed with bylaw. Read more