Informatica Corporation Launches Advanced Cybersecurity Testing Server

Informatica Corporation introduces the Verify Scanning Server (VSS™), designed to enhance cybersecurity testing through automated scans, dynamic risk assessments, and mobile management capabilities. This innovative server helps organizations stay compliant with industry standards, manage vendor risks, and improve overall security posture. Learn how the VSS™ can safeguard your business against evolving cyber threats and ensure robust data protection.

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Informatica Corporation Launches Advanced Cybersecurity Testing Server

Canada’s Verify Scanning Server (VSS™) Doubles Capacity, Enables Client Management Via Smartphone

Toronto, Canada, April 17, 2023 – After hundreds of client cybersecurity assessments, Datarisk Canada and Managed Privacy Canada, the Security and Privacy arms of Toronto-based Informatica Corporation (, the organization has announced the completion of its investment in 3 key features designed to assist clients in managing annual compliance audits and vulnerability testing:

With the launch of its latest Verify Scanning Server (VSS™), Datarisk Canada President Claudiu Popa announces exceptional new features designed to empower clients to take control of trust management and cybersecurity compliance:

  • Automatically scheduled scans and confidential notification of results
  • Direct access to certified Risk Advisors to discuss compliance reporting, incident response, etc
  • Fully managed vendor risk assessments and collaborative due diligence on service providers

“In light of changing privacy legislation, we listened carefully and invested wisely in the features set that delivers the most value to our valued clients, and that simply means mobile visibility into aspects of reputation and brand reputation that are so critical to Canadian Enterprises and their SME suppliers” – said Claudiu Popa, who also serves as the President of Managed Privacy Canada (MPC).

The Verify Scanning Server is a dedicated mechanism that conducts security audits, risk assessments and vulnerability scanning 24/7 for Datarisk, MPC and their client base of over 30 years. Its features include

  • Full compliance with industry standards using the company’s proven Verify™ Risk Assessment Methodology
  • Dynamic Intensity Risk Assessments: ranging from aggressive Penetration Testing to passive scanning of websites and networks
  • Standardized reports and Risk Maturity Score (RMS™) generation for continuous improvement and management / board reporting

All Verify™ Security Assessment and Privacy Analysis services are available through the company’s secure client portals.
Both the PrivacyDASH™ and:Verify Audit Portal™ are enterprise-grade portals with additional compliance-friendly features including encryption at rest, encryption in transit, secure communications and mobile compatibility designed to scale to the needs of suppliers and partners of all sizes, saving both time and productivity in the process of reducing risk to the entire supply chain ecosystem.

Professionals and advisory firms are encouraged to join the FlexSecure Partner Program (FPP™) directly from and recommend the PrivacyDASH™ and:Verify Audit Portal™ to their clients and trusted partners.

Trusted advisors are encouraged to share the registration links for: The Datarisk Verify Audit Portal ( and Managed Privacy Canada’s Privacy Dash ( with their networks of:

  • Vendors and service providers that require standardized policy and compliance training
  • Security and privacy managers looking to streamline enterprise risk education
  • Professional services firms can extend their security program to their clients using the PrivacyDASH™ and Audit Portal™

Professional services, accounting and law firms are encouraged to register and qualify to become Authorized Privacy and Security Partners as part of the FlexSecure Partnership Program on

About the Company:

Established in 1989, Informatica Corporation is Canada’s first information security advisory, doing business as Datarisk Canada, Managed Privacy Canada, OT Security Canada and WorkLife Learning, serving SMB and FP500 clients for over 30 years. The Datarisk Verify Audit Portal and MPC PrivacyDASH are Canada’s only cybersecurity and compliance portals with on-demand access to certified expertise, incident management, corporate training and audit planning.


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