Expanding Enterprise Capabilities in Cybersecurity with informatica

Informatica Corporation expands its cybersecurity and privacy management platform to include advanced features for enterprises. The new enhancements in PrivacyDASH™ and Verify Audit Portal (VAP™) address data protection compliance, supply chain risk assessment, and comprehensive training solutions. Explore how these tools are empowering organizations to achieve robust cybersecurity and privacy standards.

Canada’s leading cybersecurity and privacy management platform adds popular enterprise features

MPC’s PrivacyDASH™ and Datarisk’s Verify Audit Portal (VAP™) Enhance Offerings for Enterprise Regulatory Compliance and Large Scale Usability.

Toronto, Canada, June 12, 2023.

Informatica Corporation, Canada’s leader in cybersecurity management, has announced the expansion of its privacy and security platforms for enterprise use, including large-scale collaboration, support for extended teams, supply chain integration for vendor risk assessments and scheduled training events.

“Privacy cannot exist without security, and security cannot be achieved without collaboration, either at the SMB or in the distributed enterprise” said Claudiu Popa, CEO of Informatica. “The privacy and security dashboards have been retooled to meet the needs of enterprises whose priorities include data protection compliance reform, supply chain risk assessment, employee training and IT security/privacy compliance project management.”

Additional solutions offered by the PrivacyDash™ and Verify Audit Portal™ include:

  • scheduled staff training and event management
  • automatic task alerting
  • support for large teams
  • nested document inventory

PrivacyDASH™ is a privacy management platform that offers a Privacy Assessment (PIA) module, scheduled staff training, and access to a privacy policy library. These features allow organizations to assess their risks and implement policies and procedures to mitigate them.

Verify Audit Portal (VAP™) is a security management platform that offers scheduled team training and secure document sharing to ensure that sensitive information is protected. The platform also provides incident response testing to ensure that organizations are prepared to respond to privacy incidents.

Both PrivacyDASH™ and VAP™ emphasize the importance of collaboration within an organization to achieve a unified and fortified approach. By working together, these products offer a comprehensive solution to address privacy and security concerns.

About the Company:

Established in 1989, Informatica Corporation is Canada’s first information security advisory, doing business as Datarisk Canada, Managed Privacy Canada, OT Security Canada and WorkLife Learning, serving SMB and FP500 clients for over 30 years. The Datarisk Verify Audit Portal and MPC PrivacyDASH are Canada’s only cybersecurity and compliance portals with on-demand access to certified expertise, incident management, corporate training and audit planning.


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