Cybersafety Sentinel May 2023 Week 2

Claudiu’s Top Post

The vulnerable supplychains of lower-priced mobile phones have resulted in the pre-infection of millions of smartphones – currently in customer hands – that can be remotely used to carry out cybercrime at scale. How’s your supply chain cybersecurity? Read More

Canadian Student Cybersecurity Comp

Students in grades seven to twelve from Canada’s top teams competed in the Information and Communications Technology Council’s (ICTCs) sixth annual CyberTitan competition. This year, the competition was held at the University of Waterloo (UW). Read More

InvestorCOM: Incident Contained

Amid revelations of a cybersecurity breach at a third-party software provider, InvestorCOM has confirmed it is exerting efforts to contain the incident. “Our systems are secure and have at all times remained operational and we continue to offer services to our clients.” Read More

189K Files Leaked: Minneapolis Public Schools

The leaked files included information on rape cases, child abuse inquiries, and student mental health crises, according to an analysis by The 74. Nearly 200,000 individual files containing sensitive student and educator information were released in the February ransomware attack against Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS). Read More

$1.1M Ransom Paid by Sheriff’s Dept

San Bernardino County officials on Friday announced that they paid more than a million dollars to a hacker that caused a network disruption within the county’s sheriff’s department. The hacker is said to have uploaded some form of ransomware into San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s information technology system. Read More

Constellation Software Cyber Attack

A limited amount of data of the business partners of Constellation businesses was also impacted. Constellation Software acquires and builds software companies. “The incident has since been contained, and impacted systems have now been restored,” it says. Read More