Cybersafety Sentinel April 2023 Week 1

Claudiu’s Top Post

Kudos to the U.S. government for taking an unambiguous stand against malicious software masquerading as security tools, shining a light on the private equity groups behind dubious technologies and encouraging a culture of transparency in public-private dialogue. Read More

Microsoft ChatGPT Cybersecurity

Microsoft (MSFT) is bringing OpenAI’s ChatGPT capabilities to its cybersecurity business via its new Microsoft Security Copilot. Microsoft already sells an array of cybersecurity offerings including Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Entra, Microsoft Purview, and Microsoft Sentinel. Read More

Halifax Water Cybersecurity Leaks

The auditor general has found deficiencies in the utility’s cybersecurity, including employees clicking links in their email. The report said recommendations to Halifax Water from a security consultant between 2016 and 2019 have not been put into effect. Read More

Federal Privacy Probe of ChatGPT

Privacy commissioner said that artificial intelligence and its effects on privacy are a top priority, and his office must stay ahead of fast-moving technological advances. The EU are negotiating a law that would classify AI programs and tools based on their perceived level of risk. Read More

Dog Sniffs Out Data

Harley, 2, is the first dog in Canada to be trained in seeking out digital storage devices through scent. While on duty, she will be deployed with the Internet Child Exploitation Unit (ICE) to support officers during search warrants. Read More

Takedown of Hacker Marketplace

An unprecedented law enforcement operation involving 17 countries, including Canada, has resulted in the takedown of Genesis Market, one of the most dangerous marketplaces selling stolen account credentials to hackers worldwide. This illegal service was shut down and its infrastructure seized. Read More