Cybersafety Sentinel March 2023 Week 3

Claudiu’s Top Post

Everything you need to know about BATMs (Bitcoin ATMs, of course) in 3 numbered bullets. Once the #malware was executed, the threat actor was able to: (1) access the database (2) decrypt keys and access funds in wallets and #crypto exchanges (3) transfer funds out Read More

Should You Sue Over Privacy Violations

He said the bill’s prospects in the state House are not hopeless, but slim, even without private right of action. “But if I put in a full-blown private right of action, the bill stands no chance.” Read More

Sharenting and Kids’ Privacy

Adams said she’s seen a growth in sharenting content since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. When it comes to deciding what to share, Plunkett says there are two line-drawing exercises to consider. Read More

Scammers Likely Used AI to Con Seniors

He used his one phone call to contact the one person he knew would help him without judgment. If the goal was to get in and get out, the man police say is responsible almost got away. Read More

Joe Biden to Meet with Trudeau

Both governments are also scrutinizing less tangible potential threats from overseas. Popular social media app TikTok, which is owned by a Chinese parent company, has recently been banned from government devices in both countries. Read More

Ferrari Hacked

A threat actor recently contacted Ferrari, demanding a ransom for access to specific client contact information. The firm confirms that the hack did not affect the company’s operational processes. Read More