In 2014, Encrypt All Your Internet Activity, All The Time

TORONTO, Dec. 12, 2013 /CNW/ – The latest revelations about Internet surveillance carried out covertly by Canada’s CSEC and the U.S. NSA have validated what Canadian regulators, lobbyists and taxpayers had feared for a long time. Canada’s role in global intelligence operations is much more active and its capabilities more sophisticated than previously disclosed. By using encryption for all Internet traffic, companies can protect themselves from liability and individuals can reduce the risk of privacy breaches, security experts now recommend.

2014 will be the year that encryption goes mainstream. People should strive to scramble as much of their online activity as possible. Some of the best software for privacy protection is free.” said Claudiu Popa, CEO of, a Canadian security testing firm specializing in financial systems and healthcare data protection.

With SSL encryption, affordable VPN (encrypted tunnels), secure email and two-factor authentication now being supported by the Internet’s largest social hubs, users have every opportunity to protect their personal information as they surf the Internet.

No longer are accidental breaches justifiable. Businesses have a very real opportunity to benefit from demonstrating that they care about users and customers in three ways:

  • Adopting strong encryption including SSL PFS,
  • defaulting to encryption standards and application functionality
  • showcasing credentials earned from independent professional testing of their security and privacy practices.

Canadian businesses are increasingly concerned about the reputational impact of security and privacy breaches with each new wave of news from Edward Snowden’s whistle-blowing revelations. “It is now impossible to unlearn these facts” said Popa, “companies can no longer claim ignorance about the certainty of exposing sensitive information sent in plaintext over the Internet“.

About Informatica Corporation:

Informatica provides advanced information security assessments and privacy audits. Verified companies receive the company’s respected security trustmark, the Statement of Trust™. The seal’s exclusivity identifies Canadian companies as having demonstrated a high degree of legislative and standards compliance. Verified adherence to industry best practices may also qualify for preferred insurance rates and constitute a valuable competitive differentiator in a climate of risk and uncertainty.

SOURCE: Informatica Security Corporation

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