Privacy & Ethics | Safeguarding Your Bottom Line

Public company leaders rely on Informatica to use privacy and ethics to protect the bottom line

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies face a daunting task of protecting confidential information and customer data, which are critical business assets. Failure to protect these effectively can damage the company’s reputation and result in loss of revenue. Therefore, it is crucial for privacy-conscious public companies to take proactive steps to protect their confidentiality and reputation. The top three ways for companies to achieve this are: training employees, focusing on third-party security, and conducting security audits regularly.

Informatica offers a range of security and privacy solutions to help publicly traded companies serve their shareholders. The company offers services that range from broad security and privacy management to specific project management services to fill the needs of every business. Informatica’s security and privacy experts help companies to identify areas of improvement and conduct guided incident response exercises and strategy sessions to pinpoint those areas. These sessions help companies to improve their security posture and protect their bottom line. Through these efforts, Informatica has established itself as a trusted partner for public companies looking to safeguard their sensitive information and customer data.

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