Protecting Grocery Chains | Informatica’s Cyber Innovations

Grocery chain protects staff and inventory with Informatica’s cyber innovations

Every day, large retailers process millions of transactions across various storefronts and platforms, creating countless opportunities for financial and personal information to be lost. In order to protect customer data, inventory, and staff, retailers must take standard security precautions, including regular software updates, safeguarding apps and websites, employee training, and having a breach recovery strategy in place. However, the exponential increase in the need for retail cybersecurity in the next few years requires increased security investments.

Informatica’s retail security solutions target the weaknesses in the most important computer networks and POS systems to secure sensitive data. We provide risk assessments to determine areas of vulnerability, along with detailed privacy programs to protect a business’ sensitive information. With our support, grocery chains and retailers can better protect their staff and customers, safeguarding their assets and reputation in the process.

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