Use cloud-based security audits to simulate massive attacks against websites, prevent costly outages: experts say

TORONTO, March 12, 2014 /CNW/ – Using armies of infected computers, criminals launch overwhelming attacks that victimize hundreds of companies daily (, costing data centres an average of $822,000 to fix and growing in intensity every year. Fortunately an innovative new solution empowers businesses to find weaknesses, preventing outages and saving money in the process.

Internet giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook are most susceptible to costly losses up to $125k/minute, but at an average of $22,000/minute, small/mid-size businesses suffer the most. And the bad guys know it, using extortion and hijacking to profit from their DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks.

Verify™ Availability virtually harnesses thousands of users to create powerful stress-testing simulations, affordably anticipating and defusing the risk of outages before they damage systems and reputations, even when they’re only due to accidental events., Mt.Gox, WhatsApp all experienced costly availability breaches in the past few days with estimated losses in the millions.

Starting at just $750 for an initial review and consultation, businesses affordably Verify™ website performance, applications and network devices, determining precisely when they slow down and how they crash.

“The return on investment calculation is simple: everyone wants to hammer their systems before someone else has a chance to break them. And of course they demand an independent report to demonstrate the resilience of their infrastructure” said CEO Claudiu Popa, referring to the company’s respected Statement of Trust™ audit statement.

“You will love to use Verify™ to improve software, optimize applications, speed up systems and remove inefficiencies that can lead to outrageously expensive outages. It only takes a few minutes to get started at

About the Company:

Toronto-based Informatica specializes in security and privacy vulnerability assessments.
The company’s Verify™ platform is used by businesses across Canada to conduct independent, professional testing of systems and applications. Clearly identifying the risk, Verify™ assessments help protect Canadian companies from costly outages, slowdowns, website crashes, accidental service interruptions, malicious hacking, privacy breaches, data centre breaches and policy violations.

Compliance and pre-audit services for PIPEDA, PHIPA, CASL and PCI-DSS are provided by experienced security professionals and certified Risk Advisors.

SOURCE: Informatica Security Corporation

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