Cybersafety Sentinel August 2022 Week 4

Claudiu’s Top Post

When criminals paralyze organizations by infecting critical systems, responders need to weigh the urgency of the business interruption against the theft of sensitive information, which can continue to affect victims for years to come. Read more

WestJet Privacy Concerns

WestJet said it’s investigating after a “technical issue” with the airline’s app Wednesday afternoon allowed some users to see the personal data of other customers.Other WestJet app users reported similar experiences on Twitter Wednesday afternoon.Read more

Home Mapping, Patient Privacy

Patient privacy concerns might be assuaged if Amazon were to demonstrate that patient care records were held by a fully independent company and were being secured properly.The home mapping concerns are exacerbated by the existence of Amazon’s Astro, a more advanced and sensor-equipped security robot. Read more

Twitter Whistleblower

Twitter’s former head of cybersecurity has accused the company of a number of egregious security flaws and oversights, according to a whistleblower complaint filed with the U.S. government this year. He was told to withhold a major security report from Twitter’s board and to write misleading security documents. Read more

Oracle sued by Privacy Activists

A class action lawsuit filed last week in the Northern District of California accused Oracle of running a “worldwide surveillance machine” and violating the fundamental privacy rights of hundreds of millions of people.The plaintiffs in the suit are two privacy rights activists in the U.S. and one in Ireland, all of whom assert that they have data to show that Oracle has created profiles of them without their consent. Read more

Twilio Exposed 1,900 Phone Numbers

A breach involving a partner of privacy messaging app Signal has exposed about 1,900 phone numbers used to create an account with the app. Signal has indicated that the attackers had some level of access to about 1,900 registered phone numbers that it has custody of during the Twilio hack. Read more