Cybersafety Sentinel May 2023 Week 1

Claudiu’s Top Post

Nova Scotia is advising over 100,000 victims that their #personalinformation was taken as a result of a “global cybersecurity issue”, Ontario recently informed some 360,000 residents about the breach of their private data, and other provinces are facing similar challenges on incident detection, impact assessment and fraud prevention. In all cases, these are predictably followed by the generally weak recommendation for victims to keep monitoring their credit reports to protect themselves against identity fraud. Read More

Data Breach at Investment Firm

“Clients’ names, social insurance numbers and personal addresses were part of a data breach at one of Canada’s largest investment firms. Through our investigation, we recently discovered some personal information of current and some former investors was part of this incident,” a Mackenzie spokesperson said in a statement on Wednesday. . Read More

Apple, Google Address Unwanted Tracking

Today Apple and Google jointly submitted a proposed industry specification to help combat the misuse of Bluetooth location-tracking devices for unwanted tracking. “These new standards will minimize opportunities for abuse of this technology and decrease the burden on survivors in detecting unwanted trackers. Read More

Minecraft Copycat Infect 140 Million Users

Upon the game launch, ads load in the background but don’t appear on the screen. Apart from this, the cybersecurity analysts classified these adware apps as not high-risk for users, but their presence can still threaten mobile devices. Read More

Children’s Code’ to combat ‘Technological Tsunami’

The code would prohibit ‘nudge’ technology, which prompts children to further engage in an online service, such as a phone application or tablet game. Meanwhile, the forum also engaged students on ther privacy rights at schools, with respect to the smartphones they carry. Read More

ChatGPT GDPR Compliance

“The AI juggernaut is now beginning a period of formal inspection of its GDPR compliance as Germany’s data protection watchdog joins Italy, France and Spain in interrogating the service. Increasing scrutiny of AI GDPR compliance in Europe as Germany looks over ChatGPTAs an initial step in its GDPR compliance review. Read More