Informatica’s OTSecurity supports Canadian utilities to demonstrate industrial leadership and compliance

Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure and key industrial assets are among the top five global dangers. Without better operational visibility and cybersecurity, customer and employee safety is jeopardized. Therefore, it is essential to address the technical difficulties of industrial cybersecurity by bringing all aspects of security together and creating an ecosystem that provides businesses with access to industry-leading solutions and services.

Informatica’s 90-Day Guide to Industrial Cybersecurity was put into practice by a Toronto-based utility business to maintain essential systems and protect brand reputation. Informatica offers a range of services that includes broad security and privacy management, as well as specific project management guidance, to meet the needs of every business, regardless of size. Their OTSecurity solutions help utilities to demonstrate industrial leadership and compliance while protecting their critical infrastructure from cyber threats. Through their efforts, Informatica is helping to build a safer and more secure future for Canadian utilities and their customers.

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