Cybersafety Sentinel March 2022 Week 3

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Consent grab is easier to spot than people think. Let’s learn by example.

Data grifters have learned to swindle their audiences out of mountains of data by hiding in plain sight and using verbose, often contradictory statements in their “privacy policies” Read More

Biden signs law on reporting critical infrastructure cyber attacks

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden signed into law a federal cyber attack reporting requirement aimed at protecting critical infrastructure in the United States. Read More

Ukraine Satellite Internet Service Hit by Cyber Attack, Intelligence Agencies Investigating

A cyber attack that disrupted international satellite internet and TV provider Viasat is being investigated by French, United States and Ukrainian intelligence services as a potential action by Russian hackers. Read More

Russian government sites facing unprecedented cyber attacks -report

March 17 (Reuters) – Russian government websites are facing unprecedented cyber attacks and technical efforts are being made to filter foreign web traffic, the TASS news agency cited the digital ministry as saying on Thursday. Read More

How NATO is helping Ukraine fend off an onslaught of Russian cyberattacks

Shortly after Crimea was annexed by Russia, NATO began to help Ukraine build its cyberdefences, offering expertise, training and equipment. The effort ramped up late last year, when Russian President Vladimir Putin began to amass troops on the Ukrainian border. Read More

Israeli Government Websites Crash in Suspected Cyberattack

A cyberattack crashed a number of Israeli government websites Monday, according to the country’s cyber officials.  Read More

‘They may already be happening’: Canada at higher risk of cyberattacks from Russian hackers after siding with Ukraine

For Farshad Abasi, Russian cyberattacks against Canada are inevitable given Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to be an active participant in sanctioning Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. Read More

Ukraine accuses Russia of cyber-attack on two banks and its defence ministry

Ukraine accused Russia of being behind a cyber-attack that targeted two banks and its defence ministry, which the country’s deputy prime minister said was the largest of its type ever seen. Read More

Over 611K Impacted in Most Recent String of Healthcare Data Breaches

Healthcare data breaches continue to increase in severity and scope as organizations grapple with the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. Outlined below, the most recently reported data breaches collectively impacted over 611,000 individuals. Read More

K-12 cyber incident report calls for more public disclosure of cyberattacks

K-12 has experienced 1,331 reported cybersecurity-related incidents since 2016, according to the fourth annual report on The State of K-12 Cybersecurity released Thursday by nonprofit K12 Security Information Exchange, which works to protect K-12 schools from cyberattacks.  Read More

AASD students’ IDs compromised

According to an email sent Friday to parents and guardians, student names, address and, in some cases, date of birth, were accessed in the cybersecurity incident. Read More

I-Team: More Than 230 Companies Lose Texans’ Personal Data In Cyberattacks Over Last 6 Months

The personal information compromised includes names, addresses, credit card account numbers, and Social Security numbers. The 238 reported breaches since September 2021 impacted more than 2.4 million Texans, according to state data. Read More