Cybersafety Sentinel May 2022 Week 1

Claudiu’s Top Post

Last week, more than 50 countries signed the “Declaration for the Future of the #Internet” designed to champion “a single interconnected communications system for all of humanity”.
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Google to Remove Personal Info

Google is now letting people to remove their personal contact information — phone numbers, physical addresses and email addresses — from its search results. The Alphabet-owned search giant said on Wednesday that it is making the change to protect users from “unwanted direct contact or even physical harm.”
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IKEA Breach Impacts 95000 Canadians

Ikea Canada has revealed an internal data breach impacting 95,000 Canadians, Global News has learned. Ikea confirmed the email and the privacy breach to Global News.
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Gaggle: Lessons in Student Privacy

Megan Waskiewicz used to sit at the top of the bleachers, rest her back against the wall and hide her face behind the glow of a laptop monitor. While watching one of her five children play basketball on the court below, she knew she had to be careful.
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Chinese Hackers Steal IP

A yearslong malicious cyber operation spearheaded by the notorious Chinese state actor, APT 41, has siphoned off an estimated trillions in intellectual property theft from approximately 30 multinational companies within the manufacturing, energy and pharmaceutical sectors.
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Money Laundering and Money Mules

Canada’s financial intelligence agency is warning that unregistered money-transfer services are ripe for abuse by criminals trying to launder cash and fund terrorist activities.
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Implications of Bill C-11

YouTube has warned that cooking videos made in people’s kitchens and other home videos could be regulated by an online streaming law, despite assurances from the heritage minister that this will not happen. Read More.

Public Health Tracking Canadians

Canadians’ movements, including trips to the liquor store and pharmacy, were closely tracked via their mobile phones without their knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic, a report sent to a parliamentary committee shows.
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Facebook Data Usage Revelations

Facebook is facing what it describes internally as a “tsunami” of privacy regulations all over the world, which will force the company to dramatically change how it deals with users’ personal data.
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